We provide two kinds of services for our clients:

  1. Custom Market Research Services:  Provides clients (such as producers and importers) with the information on their business plan required to have a deep understanding of competition in today's fast paced business environment of IRAN market. Because of making tight relationships with customers and suppliers, taking an advanced CRM, doing powerful marketing research, and scientific analysis; we are able to offer some insightful and applicable services to our suppliers and business partners. These are, but not limited to: Market analysis, Marketing Consultation, Customized market research, Market Monitor, Design and launch ATL and BTL marketing advertisements, Design and launch marketing campaign.                                                                                                                                                                     
  2. Warehousing, Distribution and Sales Services:we also offer a full distribution and sales service for the goods and products of our customers from warehouse to the sales points.we will make sure that the producer companies get the right storage and distribution solution for their products.We can offer customers efficient warehousing, distribution and cost effective picking and packaging services.

Currently we sale and distribute a wide range of products including:

1. Pharmaceutical products for medical, dental, and surgical use are distributing across the country.

  2.From factory to shop, we distribute a wide range of frequently purchased consumer product as shows below:


 3.Cosmetics and hygienic  products which are distributing across the country: